Nicolaes Berchem

Hoefsmid die een ezel beslaat voor een ruïne, ca. 1655-1665
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, [..]
Object gegevens
doek, olieverf
Medium weight plain-weave linen canvas. The ground layer consists of a warm mixed brown preparation. The paint surface has a fine, very slightly granular texture. No original tacking edges remain. The painting has been glue paste lined. The stretcher is 0.5 cm wider than the original picture on all sides except for the left where there is a 1.2 cm in-painted addition. There is some weave interference and flattened impasto from an earlier lining. Some discolouration has occurred in the hill areas; this is possibly related to the use of smalt in the underlayers. The brown passages of paint have suffered from past cleaning abrasion. Overall, the paint layers are in very good condition. Previous recorded treatment: 1936, stretcher and frame treated for woodworm; 1948-53, cleaned and perhaps lined, Dr Hell; 1995, relined onto new stretcher, cleaned and restored, N. Ryder (Sophia Plender).
liggende rechthoek 67,3 x 81,3 cm
Informatie over de signatuur, datering, opschrift of merk op de voor- of achterzijde van het kunstwerk
Huidige toeschrijving
Nicolaes Berchem
Exacte of globale datering van het kunstwerk; de zoekmarges van het werk in deze database staan tussen haakjes.
ca. 1655-1665 (1655 - 1665)
Tentoonstellingen en literatuur
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