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toegeschreven aan Christoffel van den Berghe

Winters tafereel op het ijs, ca. 1615-1617
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, [..]
Object gegevens
paneel (eikenhout), olieverf
Single-member oak panel that has a general horizontal warp and a vertical bow on the right. A knot in the wood has caused this irregular warp and the paint and ground have blistered, flaked and cracked. The worst area of damage on the front-right of the painting again corresponds to the knot. The paint film is thin and worn overall. The right side of the sky and the trees are especially abraded; these areas and the worn figures on the right have been retouched. Previous recorded treatment: 1953–5, Dr Hell; 1990, consolidated with wax/resin, revarnished, N. Ryder; 2002, conserved, N. Ryder.
liggende rechthoek 29,8 x 58,3 cm
Exacte of globale datering van het kunstwerk; de zoekmarges van het werk in deze database staan tussen haakjes.
ca. 1615-1617 (1615 - 1617)
based on the costume, letter of J. Nieuwstraten and M. de Kinkelder to Nicola Kalinsky, 26 Aug. 1987 (DPG514 file)
Tentoonstellingen en literatuur
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