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Kunsthandel Frans Buffa & Zonen
The Project Kunsthandel Frans Buffa & Zonen. This project was active from June 2014 until September 2016. The reason for this project was the discovery of a part of the archive of the art gallery Frans Buffa & Zonen in 2013. The grandson of Joop Siedenburg, the last director of the art gallery, was in the possession of a significant amount of correspondence between costumers, artists, colleagues and business partners from ca. 1860 until 1960; two stock books from 1849-1853 and 1944-1946; a subscription book for the prints 1840-1880 and photo albums from Siedenburg from the period 1900-1951. The project was divided in two phases. The first phase was the digitalization of the archive and research on the art gallery Frans Buffa & Zonen. Paintings, prints and art works that had a provenance or were exhibited in the art gallery Frans Buffa & Zonen were registered in the RKDImages database under the project title ‘Kunsthandel Frans Buffa & Zonen’. Therefore this selection is an eclectic picture of the variety of stock this art gallery possessed in the 150 years they existed. The archive mentioned above was given on loan to the RKD and is made accessible in the RKDArchives database. A selection of letters from this archive (mostly the correspondence with Vincent van Gogh connoisseur Baart de la Faille and Joop Siedenburg) were transcribed and added to the RKDExcerpts database. The second phase was to translate the research into a publication and exhibition. The exhibition was held from 10 September 2016 until 8 January 2017 at the Museum Singer Laren. The concept for the exhibition was made by the RKD. The main focus in both publication and exhibition were the several relationship between the art gallery owners, clients and artists. On the 4th of October 2016 a small research symposium in Singer Laren was held on nineteenth century art galleries in order to give a broader perspective on the nineteenth century art market. The research and digitalization for this project have been funded with support from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Rudi Ekkart Fonds (Vereniging Rembrandt) and the Stichting Gifted Art. The publication was funded with support from the Stichting Gifted Art, De Gijselaar-Hintzen Fonds and the Stichting Pieter Haverkorn van Rijsewijk.
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