About the RKD

The RKD is one of the world's leading documentation and research institutes. As a knowledge institute we work in collaboration with museums, heritage institutes, universities and private institutes. Our staff are involved in research, publications and organising events.

We manage unique archives, documentation and photographic material and the largest art historical library on Western art from the Late Middle Ages to the present, with the focus on Netherlandish art. Our collections cover not only paintings, drawings and sculptures, but also monumental art, modern media and design.. The collections are present in both digital and analogue form (the latter in our study rooms).

Core mandate

The core mandate of the RKD is collecting, managing and indexing archives, documentation and library material for consultation. Our organisation plays an important role in supporting museums, universities, auction houses, galleries, art dealers and other institutes.

Independent researchers, professionals and collectors regularly consult our documentation. The RKD's services are particularly focused on those who consult the collections for work or study purposes, however anyone interested in consulting our material is more than welcome to do so.