Structure of the collection

Artists documentation

The artists’ maps are separated into Dutch and foreign artists and are alphabetically sorted by name. You can determine where an artist is stored by the description in Artists under either PDO/Dutch Artists or PDO/Foreign Artists. Basic information on a growing number of art collectors, art historians and art critics from the extensive category entitled Collectors and Art Professionals and Gallery and Art Dealer are given in the database RKDartists&.

Subject categories

The documentation is also catalogued by subject. This classification refers to physical maps with press articles and small printed matter such as invitations and flyers.

Physical Collection

Visitors are allowed to remove collection documentation from the cabinets for consultation, though these must not be put back in the cabinets. The RKD requests you comply with the following to ensure no damage is done to the collection:

  • The boxes and maps must be placed on the return table after use;
  • The chronological order of the documents must be kept intact. You can use the labels on the table to mark a place in the articles, for example for copying purposes;
  • You may make a copy by taking a photo with a telephone or camera. You can also order copies from the desk staff member in the reading hall. The costs depend on the number of copies made and any delivery costs.

For more information you can send an email to