Hendrik van der Borcht (II)

painter, print artist, etcher, draftsman, curator
while being the curator/surveyor of the Arundel Collection, he made several etchings after works in that collection (Waterhouse 1988; Weststeijn 2015, p. 105)
South Netherlandish
Frankenthal 1614-03/1614-03-08
baptized on 8 March 1614
Frankenthal 1676/1676-06-29
died before 29 June 1676, probably in Frankenthal (Zehl 1995)
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Son of Hendrik van der Borcht (I) and Dina van Couwenbergh ; brother of Abraham and Sebastiaen van der Borcht; he maried Laura Hipolita Interbatelo (sometime between 1644 and 1649), parents of Hendrick III; not to be confused with the genre-painter from Delft Hendrik van der Burch (Waterhouse 1988).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Frankfurt am Main 1627 - 1636
    He moved with his father to Frankfurt am Main (Waterhouse 1988).
  • Italië 1636 - 1644
    He left in the company of the Count of Arundel to Italy.
  • Arundel (West Sussex) 1637 - 1642
    He became c. 1637 (Ecartico: 1638), after his Italian sojourn, surveyor of the collection of the Count of Arundel, up till 1642 (Waterhouse 1988).
  • Antwerpen 1644 - 1648
    according to Ecartico
  • Amsterdam 1652 - 1655
    active as a painter here in 1652
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history (as a genre), landscape (as genre)
oil paint
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Frankenthal School
Plietsch 1910
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