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Jan Both

painter, draftsman, print artist
North Netherlandish
Utrecht (city) 1615/1622
younger brother of Andries (Hoogewerff 1952), so born after 1612-1613; born c. 1618 (Schatborn); if he started his apprenticeship at the age of twelve he would have been born in 1622, if he started at the age of 16 he would have been born in 1618 (Bruyn 1952, p. 110); according to Ecartico he was born in 1615.
Utrecht (city) 1652-08/1652-08-09
buried on August 9, 1652
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Son of Dirk Joriaensz. Both (died 1664) and Anna Schinkels (died 1634). He was the younger brother of Andries Both (Hoogewerff 1952/Bruyn 1952).
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Nicolaus Knüpfer painted the staffage in landscapes by Jan Both
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  • Utrecht (stad) 1634 - 1637
    His father Dirk Both paid a teaching fee from 1634 to 1637 (Bruyn 1952, p. 110), but to whom is not mentioned. According to Sandrart, Jan was an apprentice of Abraham Bloemaert. Chaerles de Hooch is also mentioned as his teacher.
  • Lyon
    Gerson 1942/1983, p. 50
  • Rome 1638 - 1642-04-29
    probably already in Rome in 1637 (Waddingham 1964) and first mentioned with his brother Andries on June 12, 1638, again in 1639 and 1641 (when they both lived at the Via Vittoria, Hoogewerff 1942, p. 108, 110, but they did not leave Rome at the same time). He presumably left Rome after 29 April 1642, when he was paid 60 scudi for two landscapes painted for Cardinal Antonio Barberini (Lavin 1975, p. 8, doc. 61). In 1640-1641 Hendrik Verschuring is mentioned as his pupil (Waddingham 1964).
  • Venetië 1642
    His brother Andries drowned in Venice on March 23, 1642; Jan returned to Utrecht shortly after.
  • Utrecht (stad) 1642 - 1652
    According to Houbraken, Hendrik Verschuring became his pupil in Utrecht in 1641, even though he is still in Rome or Venice at that time. In 1648 his portrait was painted by Cornelis van Poelenburch; in 1649 he became overman of the guild.
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genre, italianate, mythology, landscape (as genre), architecture (genre)
oil paint
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