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Francis Bourgeois (Sir)

male / English
art dealer (person), painter, court painter, art collector
In 1791 he obtained a Polish knighthood (Ordre du Mérite), with the title Painter to the King of Poland. King George III allowed his Polish Ordre du Mérite to count as an English Knighthood. In 1794 he was appointed Landscape Painter to George III, and in 1807 of the Duke of Gloucester. Bourgeois was one of the founders of Dulwich Picture Gallery (where still 22 pictures by him are present), with Noel Joseph Desenfans and Margaret Desenfans, née Morris.
Bourgeois' father was a Swiss watchmaker living in London; his mother was English.
London (England) 1753
London (England) 1811-01-08
He lived with Noel and Mrs. Desenfans since 1784 in 38 Charlotte (now 110 Hallam) Street, London; no. 39 was added a few years later.
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'adopted' by Noel Joseph Desenfans and Margaret Desenfans, née Morris; heir to Desenfans' collection of pictures, which eventually became the core collection of Dulwich Picture Gallery
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1779 - 1810
he exhibited at the Royal Academy, London 1779-1810
Active in
  • 1784 - 1811
    38 Hallam (previously Charlotte) St, London W1W 6NW (to which was added no. 39 a few years later)
  • Nederland 1776
  • Frankrijk 1776
  • Italië 1776
    made a journey to France, Holland and Italy in 1776
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genre, landscape (as genre), portrait
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