Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz

male / Polish
Warsaw 1885-02-24
Jeziorach na Polesiu 1939-09-17/1939-09-18
gestorven op 17 september 1939 of 18 september 1939 (Saur 1992- )
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zoon van Stanislaw Witkiewicz
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Period of activity
1905 - 1939
vanaf ca. 1905 tot 1939
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allegory, portrait
Member of
  • Les Formistes, artists group
first out-of-Poland show at Third Eye Centre, Gallery 2, 346 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. La Photographie Polonaise, 1981, p. 46. states: born 1885. Seems to be the same person as death is stated: 1939. One of the best known persons from Polish art scene in the twenties and thirties. Was the theorician of the group: Les Formistes. Authority changed: born from 1899 to 1885.
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