Lorenzo Ghiberti

male / Italian
architect, sculptor, jeweler, painter, author
Since Ghiberti not only created bronze sculptings, but also worked on designs for glass windows, as an architect at the Florentine Cathedral, and as a goldsmith, he was a member of several guilds (Saur 2007).
Florence 1378/1381
either 1378 or 1381 (Saur 2007)
Florence 1455-12-01
buried in S. Croce
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son of Mona Fiore from Val di Sieve (near Florence) and Cione Paltami Ghiberti, the son of the notary Ser Buonaccorso from Pelago (married 1370); Mona Fiore left her husband to live with the goldsmith Bartolo di Michele (called Bartoluccio), whom she married after her husband's death in 1406: Ghiberti's first teacher; married c. 1416 to Marsilia, the sixteen-year-old daughter of wool carter Bartolomeo di Luca; father of goldsmiths Tommaso (1416) and Vittorio Ghiberti (1417), grandfather of Buonaccorso Ghiberti (Saur 2007)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Romagna (streek) 1400
  • Florence 1400 - 1424
    On August 3rd, 1409 member of the guild of goldsmiths (Arte della Seta), in 1423 member of the painter's guild (Compagnia dei Pittori); Ghiberti won the 1402 competition to make the doors for the Baptisterium: the doors took over 20 years to complete (delivered 19.4.1424)
  • Pesaro 1400
    In 1400 G. fled from Florence to Pesaro before the plague, but returned a few months later
  • Siena 1416 - 1417
    In connection with the construction of the baptismal font in the Baptistry in Siena, he traveled to Siena in June, as well as in winter 1416 and spring 1417; according to the Commentarii, he also came to Padua and apparently also knew Pisa, Massa and Volterra, San Gimignano, Cortona and Pistoia as well as the cities outside of Tuscany, Assisi, Perugia and Naples
  • Venetië 1424 - 1425
    Due to the plague epidemic, he stayed in Venice from October 1424 to December 1425, probably also visiting Padua during this period.
  • Florence 1425 - 1455
    December 20, 1426 member of the stonemasonry (Arte di Pietra e Legname); his second set of doors (Paradise Gates) were delivered on 7 August 1447; between 1420-1446 Ghiberti was payed regularly for work as supervisor on the Cathedral (dome, lantern of the dome) in competition with Brunelleschi (according to his Commentari); also worked on the designs of the windows of the Cathedral and the S. Croce (designs and most work not preserved) and as a goldsmith (reliquaries, papal tiara's)
  • Rome 1447
    as mentioned in his 'Commentari': according to Saur 2007 he must have been in Rome already at the end of the 1390's, as he used classical sculpture from Rome in his inspiration in his Paradise doors of the Baptisterium
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Christian religious scene, figure, portrait
bronze, terracotta
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