Abraham van der Haagen

North Netherlandish
Dordrecht (city) 1587-04/1587-04-26
baptized on 16 April 1587 in the reformed church in Dordrecht (Van der Haagen 1915)
Arnhem (place) 1639-02
Family relationships
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son of Joris van der Haagen from Antwerp and his 2nd wife Annicken Joost Cornelisdr. from Brussels (married 1586 in Dordrecht). Married in Dordrecht on 18 December 1611 to Sophia van der Laen (1584-1658), son-in-law of Otto van der Laen, painter; father of Joris van der Haagen, grandfather of Jacobus and Cornelis
Biographical information
Active in
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1602 - 1613
    in July 1608 member of the St. Luke's guild in Dordrecht; married in 1611; in 1613 a son Otto was baptized, no longer mentioned after 1613 (Van der Haagen 1915)
  • Arnhem (plaats) 1617 - 1639
    somewhere between 1613-1617 he moved to Arnhem; mentioned there as painte in 1621, 1627, 1628 (Van der Haagen 1915)
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died in
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