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Joos van Cleve

painter, draftsman, court painter
South Netherlandish
Kleef 1485
c. 1485, presumably born in Cleves
Antwerp 1540-11-10/1541-04-13
between 10 November 1540 and 13 March 1541
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Thieme/Becker also mentions Joos van Cleve (the Younger), called 'sotte Cleef', active 1518-1554, 1518 member of the St Luke guild of Antwerp (Thieme/Becker vol. 7 [1912], p. 98-99). This artist is probably fictitious: the nickname probably refers to Joos' son Cornelis, who was mentally ill. Not to be confused with the Master of the Amsterdam Deathbed of Mary, or with the sculptor Adriaen van Wesel, whose work in the past was also attributed to a Master of the Deathbed of Mary; married in Antwerp in 1520 to Anna Vijdts (died 1528) and 2) in 1531 in Antwerp to Kathlijne van Mispeelteren (died 1541); father of Cornelis or Joos II van Cleef (c. 1520-c. 1567)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Kalkar 1505 - 1508
    c. 1505-1508
  • Brugge 1507 - 1511
    maybe 1507-1508 in Bruges, given his style of painting (Saur 1998): his stay there however is far from certain
  • Antwerpen 1511 - 1540
    master in the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp in 1511, dean in 1519, 1520, 1525. In 1520 he lived 'by de capelle van Gratien' (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961)
  • Parijs 1529
    possibly working at the French court; maybe also c. 1535. Perhaps he also undertook a trip to Italy (Saur 1998)
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portrait, Christian religious scene
oil paint
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