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Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem

CvH (vH in ligature)
painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Haarlem 1562
The date of his baptism is unknown (Van Thiel 1999, p. 15, note 37).
Haarlem 1638-11-11
died at the age of 76 (Houbraken 1721, p. 89)
Family relationships
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son of Cornelis Thomasz. and Alijt Jacobsdr, prominent citizens of Haarlem. They had four sons. Cornelis married Maritgen Deyman in 1593; their daughter Maria Cornelisdr. married Pieter Jansz. Begeyn (died 1648), parents of Cornelis Pietersz. Bega
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Haarlem
    apprentice of Pieter Pietersz. (Saur 1999, p. 238)
  • Rouen 1580
    c. 1580, he tried to study in Rouen, but had to leave because of the plague (Van Thiel 1999, p. 27)
  • Antwerpen 1581 - 1583
    c. 1581 studied with Gillis Coignet in Antwerp, although Van Mander 1604 doubted this (Van Thiel 1999, p. 27, note 160)
  • Haarlem 1583 - 1638
    He must have returned to Haarlem before 1583, as he painted the 'Banquet of the Squad of Corporal Jonge Jan Adriaensz. van Veen of the Haarlem Militia' in that year (Van Thiel 1999, p. 28); he met Van Mander and Goltzius this year. Among his patrons, Jacob Rauwaert and Hendrick Laurensz. Spieghel stand out, while most of his most influential customers came from Amsterdam in this time. He nevertheless stayed on living in Haarlem all his life (Van Thiel 1999, p. 30-32).
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landscape (as genre), portrait, group portrait, flower piece, fruit piece, kitchen piece (still life), Christian religious scene, mythology
Van Mander mentions a flower still life while he was apprenticed to Gillis Coignet in Antwerp; through his inventory we know, that he has painted at least two fruit still lifes: one with two lemons and a kitchen piece, signed and dated 1596 with a large still life in the corner, now in a private collection (Van der Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 67).
oil paint
Member of
  • Sint-Lucasgilde (Haarlem)
    In 1630 he signed the new statutes of the Saint Luke Guild (Saur 1999, p. 238); for his membership: Van Thiel 1999, p. 28, note 164.
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