Raphael Coxie

painter, court painter
South Netherlandish
Mechelen 1540
c. 1540
Brussels 1616
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eldest son from the first marriage of Michiel I and Ida van Hasselt, brother of Anna and Willem/Guillaume, half brother of Michiel II. Married to 1) Jeanne van Bukerke/Bekerke from Middelburg, who died in Malines on 6 April 1577, in the Parish of St. Rombaut ; mother of Cornelis (Neeffs 1876); 2) Elisabeth Cauthals, daughter of Jan and Margriet Vydts, who died before 1582 (Neeffs 1876); 3) c. 1584 married to Anna Jonghelinck, daughter of the sculptor Jacques Jonghelincx and Françoise van der Jeught (who died in Brussels on 18 November 1637 (Neeffs 1876), with whom he got a son Raphael, baptized 20 January 1585 in Antwerp cathedral (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, p. 290-291, note1): none of his children followed in his artistic footsteps (Neeffs 1876)
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  • Mechelen 1562-07-22 - 1562
    master in the Guild on 22 July 1562 (Neeffs 1876); 1570/71 court painter of king Philip II
  • Antwerpen 1583 - 1586
    Testified on 22 May 1583 concerning the marriage of his brother Guillaume, art dealer; he is also guarantor for a batch of paintings sold by Guillaume to Anthonie Palerme. On 31 August 1583 he owed 300 carolus guilders for this transaction; he lived in 1584 on the Munt; 31 March 1586 his father-in-law, artist and mintmaster Jacques Jongelincx, gave him authority to deal with his business transactions and debt collecting in Mechelen; on 9 September 1588 he made his will in Antwerp (van Hemeldonck 2007); master in the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp in 1585 (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961) also married in this year, for the third time. He must have been in Antwerp before though, as he took care of the Cathedral archives (see under Religious affiliation) (Neeffs 1876). On 31 October 1597 he settled the estate of his late brother Guillaume, he is in court over it with Mr. Cockaert, the 2nd husband of Guillaume's widow Catharina Bergaigne (van Hemeldonck 2007)
  • Brussel 1586 - 1608
    while in Brussels he still worked for patrons in Antwerp, among which the Cathedral (van Hemeldonck 2007: 14 August 1589); in Brussels he lived in a house near the Royal Chapel; in 1610-1611 he lived in a house located near Mount St. Elisabeth, behind the Chapelle du serment de l'arc; in Brussels he painted the portraits of king Philip II, Queen Elisabeth de Valois, and the infanta's Anne Maria of Austria and Isabella Clara Eugenia for the Elector Frederic William of Saxony in 1596, and for the same in 1597 the portraits of Catharina of Austria, Queen of Portugal, and of Queen Mary Tudor of England, together with Gilbert van Veen (Neeffs 1876)
  • Gent 1589
    Here he painted a 'Resurrection' for the Abbey of Tronchiennes (no longer in existance); on 9 June 1588 he made a contract with the city council to paint the Last Judgement, delivered on 12 July 1597, still in situ (Neeffs 1876)
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oil paint
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