Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp

painter, draftsman, illustrator
North Netherlandish
Dordrecht 1594-12
Thieme/Becker 1913
Dordrecht 1652
In the Spring of 1652 his wife was mentioned as widow (Chong 1989, p. 17, note 1).
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son of Gerrit Gerritsz. Cuyp I (1565-ca. 1644) and his first wife Geerten Mathysdr (died 1601); stepbrother of Benjamin Cuyp; married to Aertken Cornelisdr van Cooten in Dordrecht on 13 November 1618; father of Aelbert Cuyp
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Utrecht (stad) 1615 - 1618
    apprentice of Abraham Bloemaert (Houbraken 1718)
  • Dordrecht 1617 - 1625
    on July 18, 1617 member of the guild of St. Luke in Dordrecht; married on 13 November 1618 (Saur 1999)
  • Amsterdam 1625 - 1628
  • Dordrecht 1628 - 1652
    Cuyp was active as a deacon of the Walloon church in Dordrecht in 1628 (1629 according to Saur 1999) and 1634 and was a member of the council of elders between 1641-43; in 1644 he was listed as 'geweesen ouderling' (former Elder) (Paarlberg 2002, p. 203-204); according to Saur, Cuyp would also have been active as an elder between 1649 and 1651 (Saur 1999); c. 1642 he was one of the founders, together with Isaak van Hasselt, Cornelis Tegelberg and Jacques de Claeuw of the 'Konstgenootschap St. Lucas', a split-off of the Guild of St. Luke (Houbraken 1718, p. 237); he was treasurer of the Guild in 1629, 1633, 1637 and 1641 (Paarlberg 2002, p. 202)
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portrait, genre, history (as a genre), Christian religious scene, still life, landscape (as genre), flower piece, animal painting (genre), architecture (genre)
an unsigned, large kitchen still life at an exhibition in Dordrecht in 1992, with a related fish market in Dordrecht with less prominent still life from 1627; a tulip bed in Dordrecht from 1638 was probably inspired by Johannes Bosschaert (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 69)
oil paint
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