Francesco Barberini

male / Italian
art collector, patron, cardinal, jurist, noble
Barberini's collection of painting contained works by French artists, such as Nicolas Poussin, Simon Vouet and Valentin de Boulogne. He also possessed paintings by Pieter and Jan Breughel. The Barberini family were patrons of Gianlorenzo Bernini, Carlo Maderno, Pietro da Cortona and Galileo Galilei, among others.
Florence 1597-09-23
Rome 1679-12-10
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nephew of Maffeo Barberini (Pope Urban VIII)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Avignon 1624
  • Parijs 1625
    King Louis XIII gave Barberini seven tapestries designed by Peter Paul Rubens (currently in Philadelphia)
  • Spanje 1625
  • Rome 1626
  • Parijs 1646 - 1648
    fled for Pope Innocent X (Giovanni Battista Pamphili)
  • Rome 1648 - 1679
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died in
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