Bartholomeus Appelman

painter, draftsman, decorative painter
made paintings and drawings of landscapes and sights on Rome, as well as wall hangings for the hall of Soestdijk hunting lodge near Baarn (Saur)
North Netherlandish
The Hague 1628/1629
in March-April 1657 listed as 29 years old (Hoogewerff 1938); c. 1628 (Hoogewerff 1952); in 1647 listed as a painter, then at least 18 years old. Houbraken (1721) wrongly stated he was born in 1640.
The Hague 1686/1687
1686 or 1687. According to Houbraken (1721)he died in 1686, 40 yeard old.
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brother-in-law of Elias Meganck
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He collaborated with the portrait painter Jan de Baen, for whom he painted the landscape backgrounds in his portraits (Saur 1992); Bredius (1915-1922, p.191) mentions a landscape of Appelman with staffage by Wouwerman; he collaborated also with Johannes Lingelbach, Adriaen van de Velde and Philips Wouwerman (according to auction cat. Christie's, Milan, 7 June 2006, no. 76, RKDimages 116890)
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Active in
  • Den Haag 1647 - 1650
    In 1653 a judicial investigation was conducted for him because of a murder in 1647 (together with Carel Codde and Hans de Jode). He is then mentioned as staying abroad (Bredius, Nachträge, p. 2-6).
  • Rome 1650 - 1657
    probably from around 1650 in Italy / Rome (Saur 1992); in 1657 in Rome mentioned together with Philips le Petit and Willem Doudijns (Hoogewerff 1952); after his return from Italy he led a wandering existence as a mercenary (Willigen/de Kinkelder 1998). Schrevelius (1647, ed. 1754) mentions him as a friend of Jan de Baen and as somebody, who 'for weeks had the habit of putting his feet under another man's table.' (Attachment p. 485) (communication by Maud Lankester-Marcus, 11 June 2014). His adress in Rome: Via Laurina.
  • Tivoli
    as appears from a drawing Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam 1671 - 1673
    in 1671 mentioned in Amsterdam, renting a room with a widow and also mentioned because of disturbing the peace (Saur 1992)
  • Rotterdam
  • Den Haag 1676 - 1686
    in 1676 master in the Hague guild until his death in 1686 (Hoogewerff); in 1677 and 1681 dean of the Hague guild (Saur 1992)
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italianate, landscape (as genre), architecture (genre)
There are two dated paintings, one from 1671, formerly in the collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, auctioned at Christie's Amsterdam on 1 April 2008 (art work no. 262215), and one from 1673 in the Landesmuseum, Mainz.
oil paint
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