Diana Glauber

North Netherlandish, German
Amsterdam (city) 1650-01/1650-01-11
baptized 11 January 1650
Hamburg (city) 1721
after 1721; according to Heiberg 1994 in Kunstindeks Danmark & Weilbachs kunstnerleksikon online she still lived in Hamburg in 1729
Family relationships
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daughter of Johan Rudolf Glauber (Glauberus) (1604-1670) and Helena Cornelisdr. (c. 1615-after 1689); sister of Johannes and Johannes Gottlieb Glauber
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Parijs 1671 - 1672
    accompanied her brothers to Paris (Gerson 1942/1983, p. 59) and on several other journeys
  • Lyon 1672 - 1674
  • Rome 1674 - 1676
  • Padua 1676 - 1677
  • Venetië 1677 - 1679
  • Hamburg (stad) 1680 - 1721
    at least from the early 1680s; in 1721 she was still alive and living in Hamburg (Houbraken)
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history (genre), portrait
oil paint
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