Maria Schalcken

North Netherlandish
Dordrecht (city)/Made (Noord-Brabant) 1647/1650
Made, ca. 1647-1650 (Hulskamp, online); Dordrecht c. 1645-1648 (Ecartico); ca. 1647-1650 (Behermann 1988)
she died before 27 July 1700, when her husband posted banns as a widower; he had a daughter Anna baptized in 1701 (Hulskamp online)
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daughter of reverend Cornelis Schalcken (1610-1674) and Aletta Lijdens (1612-1678), sister of three other gilrs and of four boys, among whom painter Godefridus (her teacher). Posted banns in Dordrecht on 26 July 1682 with merchant Severijn van Bracht, with whom she had at least one daughter Anna (1683) and one son Cornelis (1685). In the will of Maria's unmarried sister Barbara of 11 June 1709 all her belongings are bequested to her only living brother and to the children of her deseased brothers and sisters: Maria, Anna nor Cornelis are among them (Hulskamp online).
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  • Made (Noord-Brabant) 1645 - 1654
    Her father was minister in this village between 1643 and 1654 (Hulskamp online)
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1654 - 1682
    Her fathe became minister and head of the Latin School in Dordrecht in 1654. Brother Goderidus became her teacher in painting
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genre, portrait, landscape (genre)
In her self-portrait she sits in front of a very well painted Italinate landscape
zuster van Godfried Schalcken
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