Abraham van Dijck

painter, draftsperson
North Netherlandish
Dordrecht (city) 1635
c. 1635. His year of birth is derived from a notarial deed in 1661 in Amsterdam, which states that he is then 25 years old (Saur 2000; De Witt 2020). According to Ecartico he was born in Dordrecht, where his father was born and where his parents got married; Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 73 states without corroboration: probably born Amsterdam.
Dordrecht (city) 1680-08/1680-08-27
buried on 27 August 1680; the identification by Bredius with an Abraham van Dijk who was buried in Amsterdam on 26 February 1672 is incorrect (Loughman 2006, p. 266, p. 268 and note 12)
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son of Leendert van Dijck (c. 1583-1674) and Hilleken Matheus: the couple was married in Dordrecht on 9 August 1620. He had three sisters (Beatris (born 1623), Sara (born 1637) and Helena (born 1642) and three brothers, Mattheus (born 1629), Hugo and Jan (born 1631).
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1655 - 1667
dated works between 1655 and 1667
Active in
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1648 - 1651
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1651 - 1654
    De Witt 2020, p. 13; an apprenticeship with Rembrandt is not documented, but on stylistic grounds it is assumed that Abraham van Dijck was apprenticed to Rembrandt around 1650. His earliest signed and dated paintings date from 1655.
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1654 - 1660
    probably returned to Dordrecht in 1654-1655. Based on Terwesten/Hoet 1770, is has wrongly been assumed that he also spent time in Alkmaar, for which is no archival evidence (Loughman 2006, p. 266; De Witt 2020, p. 14).
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1660 - 1661
    returned to Amsterdam in or shortly before 1660 (De Witt 2020, p. 15-17, Loughman 2006, p. 267-268). Although is is not fully impossible that he spent time in England (c. 1662), it is very unlikely. The confusion stems from Houbraken and was adopted by Von Wurzbach and other authors. Beaujean in Saur 2000 rightly assumes that Houbraken apparently confuses Abraham with Anthony van Dyck when he mentions an Abraham van Dijck who painted modern compositions and spent most of his life in England. See also Loughman 2006, De Witt 2020.
  • Dordrecht (stad) 1667 - 1680
    1667 last dated work, died in 1680 (Loughman 2006, p. 266, 273)
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Christian religious scene, portrait, architecture (genre), market scene, genre, still life
oil paint
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