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Gerard Dou

painter, draftsperson
Charles II invited him to become his court painter, but he refused, according to Houbraken because ít didn't suit his quiet nature (Houbraken 1719).
North Netherlandish (school)
Leiden 1613-04-07
Orlers 1641; Houbraken 1719
Leiden 1675-02/1675-02-09
buried 9 February 1675
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son of Douwe Jansz. (ca. 1584-1656), Maria Jansdr. van Wassenaar/Roosenburg/Roomburg (ca. 1585-1651) and brother of Jan Dou
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In 1642 Angel mentioned the agreement Dou had with Pieter Spiering van Silvercroon, who stated that he had the first choice of the paintings by Dou in exchange for an annual payment of 500 Carolus guilders. Spiering is called ambassador of Sweden in The Hague in a document from 1636. Due to his mediation, Queen Christina of Sweden acquired works by Dou, but she liked Italian art much better, which became apparent when she returned eleven painting by Dou to Spiering in 1652. Besides Christina of Sweden, archduke Leopold Wilhelm and Cosimo III de' Medici bought one or more paintings by Dou. Three of his paintings were in the collection of the English king Charles II as part of the 'Dutch gift'; the gift that the States of Holland and West-Friesland gave to the English king in 1660. Besides Spiering we know a second Dutch patron: Johan de Bye. He exhibited 32 paintings by Dou in a rented space in the house of Johannes Hannoot in the Breestraat in Leiden in 1665 (Baer 1991, p. 8-108).
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  • Leiden 1628 - 1675
    After his apprenticeship with Rembrandt, Dou probably started working as an independent master in 1631. His first signed and dated work is 'The young violin player' (Edinburgh, National Gallery of Scotland) from 1637.
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oil paint
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fine art painting
Member of
  • Sint-Lucasgilde (Leiden)
    He signed the constitutive act of the guild of St Luke in Leiden on March 10, 1648, together with David Bailly, Gabriel Metsu, Jan Steen and Abraham van den Tempel (Saur 2001).
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archief Le Roy
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