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Jan van Eyck

painter, draftsman
South Netherlandish
Maaseik 1390/1399
a few years after Hubert, who was born around 1366 (according to Karel van Mander, Het Schilder-boeck, 1604); c. 1370 (Joachim von Sandrart, Teutsche Akademie, 1675); c. 1390 (M.J. Friedländer, Die altniederländische Malerei, vol. I, 1924), p. 129); the birth date of Jan van Eyck is not known from any contemporary source; nowadays, c. 1390-1400 is generally accepted
Brugge 1441/1441-06-09
before June 23, 1441; the church masters of St. Donaas recorded the funeral expenses of magistri Iohannis Eyck in the financial year that ran from 24 June 1440 to 23 June 1441
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brother of Hubert, Lambert and Margareta van Eyck
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Den Haag 1422 - 1425
    On August 4, 1422 he joined Jan van Beieren, count of Holland, Zeeland and Henegouwen/Hainault; in the years 1422-1425 he is mentioned in the books of the County Audit Office on payment orders; first mentioned in 1424 as court painter of Jan van Beieren; after the count's death in 1425 (January 6) he became court painter and counselor ('varlet de chambre') of Duke Philip the Good (May 19) until his death in 144.
  • Brugge 1425
    in 1425 he moved from Bruges to Lille
  • Lille (Frankrijk) 1425 - 1428
  • Sluis (Sluis-Aardenburg) 1428-10-19
    off to the Iberian Peninsula with the embassy of Philip the Good (Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 183-184)
  • Sandwich 1428-10-20 - 1428-11-13
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Shoreham (Kent) 1428
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Plymouth 1428
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Falmouth (Cornwall) 1428-11-25 - 1428-12-02
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Baiona 1428-12-11 - 1428-12-14
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Cascais (Lissabon) 1428-12-16
    Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 184
  • Lissabon 1428-12-18 - 1429-12
  • Arraiolos 1428 - 1428-01-12
  • Avis 1428-01-12
    made a portrait of Princess Isabella, daughter of King John I of Portugal and future wife of Philip the Good (Thieme/Becker 1915; specific date in Panofsky 1953 and Friedländer 1967)
  • Sluis (Sluis-Aardenburg) 1429-12-25
    back from the Iberian Peninsula (Parada López de Corselas 2016, p. 23)
  • Brugge 1431 - 1441
    from 1431 or earlier until his death on 9 July 1441
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Christian religious scene, genre, portrait
oil paint
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