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Carel Fabritius

painter, draftsman, print artist
North Netherlandish
Middenbeemster (Beemster) 1622-02/1622-02-27
baptized on 27 February1622
Delft 1654-10-12
died of his injuries after he Delft Gunpowder explosion (Houbraken 1721)
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Son of Pieter Carelsz. Fabritius (1598-1653) and Barbertje Barentsdr. van der Maes (1601-1667), brother of Barent and Johannes Fabritius. Married 1) in 1641 to Aeltje Hermensdr Velthuys (died 1643) and 2) in Delft on 20 August 1650 to Agatha van Pruyssen (born 1611), no issue.
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  • Middenbeemster (Beemster) 1622
    His father was schoolteacher, sexton and first cantor in the church and in his spare time (with permission from the church) painter (no work known). In 1641 Carel and brother Barent were admitted as members of the Reformed Church, when their profession was given as 'carpenter [faber]': their true profession or an allusion to their alias Fabritius ? After his marriage in 1641 he moved to Amsterdam (Brown/Kelch/ Van Thiel 1991).
  • Amsterdam 1642 - 1643
    c. 1642 , apprentice in the studio of Rembrandt at the same time as Samuel van Hoogstraten. Became an independant master no later than 1645 (Brown/Kelch/ Van Thiel 1991).
  • Middenbeemster (Beemster) 1643 - 1650
    An entry in Elisabeth Coyman's 'Journael' shows that Fabritius was still active as a painter in Beemster in 1649-50 (Bikker 1998).
  • Delft 1650 - 1654
    In a document dated August 14, 1650, announcing his marriage to Agatha van Pruyssen, he was named a resident of Delft. Member of the Guild of Saint Luke in 1652. From his financial position we know that he suffered great money problems, constantly struggeling to pay interest on loans and paying rent. For this reason he seems to have made illusionistic paintings as house decorations (London, National Gallery). His life came to an abrupt end in the gunpowder disaster of 12 October 1654, in which a quarter of the city was destroyed and thousands lost their lives (Brown/Kelch/ Van Thiel 1991).
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landscape (as genre), portrait, animal painting (genre), architecture (genre)
oil paint
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J.W.Stolk 12 May 2018
Fabritius was de leermeester van Mathijs Spoors, zoon van een notaris. Ook hij kwam om op 12 oktober 1654 bij de Delftse Donderslag. Zie ook 'Scijlder tot Delff' pag. 214
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