William Gowe Ferguson

North Netherlandish, Scottish
Scotland 1632/1633
c. 1632/3; he claimed to be 48 years old when registering his second marriage in 1681, but may have been older (Eidelberg 2000, p. 27). He was already a member of the Utrecht guild in 1648, which would have made him only 15 or 16 years old at the time (Eidelberg 2000, p. 33, note 2).
Scotland 1695
after 1695 (Von Wurzbach 1906)
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married to Sara van Someren (born in 1648 in Stockholm) in Amsterdam on 26 June 1681
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Utrecht (stad) 1648 - 1651
    member of the Utrecht guild in 1648 (Eidelberg 2000, p. 33, note 2); registered as a citizen of Utrecht in 1649
  • Frankrijk
    travelled to France and Italy in the 1650s (Saur 2003, p. 268)
  • Italië
  • Amsterdam 1664
    He may have spent the period between his time in Utrecht and The Hague in Amsterdam, as three of his works were in the possession of the art dealer Doeck in 1664.
  • Den Haag 1660 - 1672
    extended stay in The Hague, with some interruptions. Aaccording to Buijsen/Dumas et al. 1998 he stayed in The Hague in 1660-1668, 1672 and 1675-1676.
  • Londen (Engeland)
    According to Eidelberg he went to London after Amsterdam (Eidelberg 2000, p. 27-36); Willigen/Meijer claims he was in England in 1674 (?) (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 82). He was probably in London in the 1670s, when John Maitland, 2nd Earl and 1st Duke of Lauderdale, and his wife commissioned him and other artists to produce pictures for the decoration of Ham House, Surrey. Two of these, Classical Ruins and a Sorceress among Classical Ruins, were inset as overdoors in the Duchess’s private closet (O. Millar in Grove Art Online),
  • Den Haag 1675 - 1676
  • Italië 1679
    painted two dated bas-reliefs in Italy (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 82)
  • Amsterdam 1681
    in Amsterdam, where he got married
  • Groot-Brittannië 1693 - 1695
    dated works in England; last dated work from 1695 (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 82)
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This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question. The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature.
portrait, landscape (as genre), still life, italianate, flower piece, game piece (still life), trompe-l'oeil (still life)
oil paint
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