Balthasar van der Ast

B.V.A. (ill. in Wurzbach 1906-1911)
painter, draftsperson
North Netherlandish
Middelburg (city, Zeeland) 1593/1594
born between June 30th, 1593 and September 13th, 1594 (Jansen et al. 1984; Luijten et al. 1993)
Delft (city) 1657/1657-12-19
buried December 19th, 1657 (Ecartico)
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son of merchant Hans van der Ast (1542 - 1609) and Heyltken Mertens (born 1552-died before 1609); younger brother of Jacob, Johannes van der Ast and Maria van Ast (married to Ambrosius Bosschaert) (Ecartico). On 23 Fenruary 1633 he posted banns with Margrieta Jans van Bueren in Delft; the couple had two daughters, Maria and Helena (Jansen et al. 1984)
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  • Middelburg (stad, Zeeland) 1609 - 1615
    After his father's death, the parental home in Middelburg on Korte Delft was sold, and Balthasar became a ward of his brother Jacob and his brother-in-law Ambrosius Bosschaert and his wife Maria van Ast, in whose house he grew up; for the same reason it is likely that he became an apprentice in the studio of his brother-in-law Ambrosius (I) Bosschaert (Jansen et al. 1984)
  • Bergen op Zoom (plaats) 1615
    He moved from Middelburg to Bergen op Zoom, together with Bosschaert. (Jansen et al. 1984)
  • Utrecht (stad) 1619 - 1632
    registered as a member of the Guild in 1619 (Jansen et al. 1984)
  • Delft (stad) 1632 - 1657
    first mentioned as a citizen on 27 May 1632, while he became a Guild-member on 22 June 1632; the family lived in a house on the east-side of the Oude Delft, near the Oude Kerk, where van der Ast was buried on 9 December 1657 (Jansen et al. 1984).
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still life, flower piece, fruit piece, landscape (genre), shell still life
still life painter, with the exception of a landscape that was mentioned in a sale of 1737 (Willigen/Meijer 2003)
oil paint
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