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Max J. Friedländer

male / German, Dutch
art historian, art collector, draftsman
Friedländer regularly made sketches to help his memory during his work as an art historian.
German, Dutch
in 1954 naturalized as a Dutchman
Berlin 1867-06-05
Amsterdam 1958-10-11
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Biographical information
Universiteit van Leipzig
aquired his PhD in 1890 with Prof. Anton Springer with a dissertation entitled: Albrecht Altdorfer. Der Maler von Regensburg (published in 1891)
Active in
  • Berlijn 1892 - 1893
    worked as a volonteer in the Kupferstichkabinett (printroom) of the Royal Museums under Friedrich Lippmann
  • Keulen 1894 - 1895
    worked at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum with the assignment to organize the prints
  • Berlijn 1896
    worked as scientific employee for the Gemäldegalerie
  • Berlijn 1897
    on the recommendation of Friedrich Lippmann appointed scientific assistant of Wilhelm Bode
  • Berlijn 1904 - 1908
    'Zweiter Direktor' of the Gemäldegalerie and the collection 'christlicher Bildwerke' of the Royal Museums
  • Berlijn 1908 - 1930
    director of the Kupferstichkabinett
  • Berlijn 1912 - 1929
    'kommissarischer Direktor' of the Gemäldegalerie
  • Berlijn 1929 - 1933
    'Erster Direktor' of the Gemäldegalerie until he was forced into retirement by the nazis in 1933
  • Berlijn 1927
    Friedländer celebrated his sixtieth birthday.
  • Den Haag 1939-05-19 - 1943
    On 2 December 1938 Friedländer received permission to leave Germany. On 19 May 1939 he established himself in The Hague, at the invitation of the RKD to which the so-called 'Kunstgeleerdenfonds' (Art Historians Fund) was affiliated (since 7 October 1937). At first he lived at Oostduinlaan 16 (the house of Hans Schneider, then director of the RKD) and consequently at Oostduinlaan 68. The purpose of the Art Historians Fund was to support Jewish art historians in need.
  • Den Haag 1940-05-25 - 1940-06-03
    On 25 May 1940 Friedländer was arrested by the German police because of mistaken identity, to be finally released after ten days.
  • Amsterdam 1943-12-03 - 1958
    settled in Amsterdam at Beethovenstraat 38 II
  • Amsterdam 1946-08-20
    Friedländer was officially declared a non-enemy ('ontvijand').
  • Utrecht 1948-09-20
    The State University of Utrecht granted Friedländer an honorary doctorate (doctor honoris causa) in the humanities and philosophy at the initiative of J.G. van Gelder, Professor of art history in Utrecht.
  • 1953-01-31
    The West-German government granted Friedländer the 'Grosse Verdienstkreuz mit Stern des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschand'.
  • Amsterdam 1957-06-05
    Friedländer celebrated his ninetieth birthday, on the occasion of which he was honored in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • Berlijn 1957
    The Freie Universität Berlin honored Friedländer with a honorary doctorate in the humanities; moreover he was appointed a honorary member of the Deutsche Verein für Kunstgeschichte.
  • 1957-09
    The Belgian government honored Friedländer by granting him the appointment of Commander in the Order of Leopold II.
  • Amsterdam 1958-10-11
    death of Friedländer
  • Amsterdam 1959-03-17
    Works of art and furniture from Friedländer's estate were auctioned by Paul Brandt in Amsterdam.
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