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Caspar David Friedrich

male / German
Biographical information
Active in
  • Greifswald 1790 - 1794
    Friedrich began taking drawing lessons in 1790 from university professor Johann Gottfried Quistorp in Greifswald.
  • Kopenhagen 1794 - 1798
  • Dresden 1798 - 1840
  • Neubrandenburg 1801
    Early March 1801
  • Greifswald 1801
    Early March trip to Greifswald via Neubrandenburg, in May first meeting with Philipp Otto Runge.
  • Rügen (eiland) 1801
    Journey to the Island of Rügen in July and August.
  • Neubrandenburg 1801
    November 1801 in Neubrandenburg.
  • Rügen (eiland) 1802
    In 1802 trip to the Island of Rügen, at the end of July 1802 Friedrich returned to Dresden.
  • Loschwitz (Dresden) 1803
    Sommer in Loschwitz near Dresden.
  • Rügen (eiland) 1806
    From May to July journey via Neubrandenburg and Greifswald to Rügen. In August 1806 Friedrich returned to Dresden.
  • Bohemen (hist. regio) 1807
    Friedrich traveled to Bohemia at the end of the Summerof 1807.
  • Wenen 1807
    Friedrich may also have been visiting Vienna during his trip to Bohemia.
  • Reuzengebergte 1810
    Trip to the Riesengebirge with Georg Friedrich Kersting.
  • Harz (gebergte) 1811
    In June and July trip to the Harz with sculptor Gottlob Christian Kühn.
  • Greifswald 1815
    In August and September.
  • Rügen (eiland) 1815
    In August and September.
  • Rügen (eiland) 1826
    From 22 May stay on the Isle of Rügen, in September 1826 back in Dresden. For all data concerning the locations of Friedrich's activities. (Grave 2012, p. 276-277)
Teacher at academy/university
Königliche Kunstakademie (Dresden)
On 4 December 1816 Caspar David Friedrich became member of the Königliche Kunstakademie in Dresden. In 1824 he became professor at this academy and in 1825 general director. (Grave 2012, p. 277)
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This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question. The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature.
genre, coastal view, landscape (genre), forest landscape, winter landscape, portrait
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