Guiliam Gabron (II)

painter, panel maker
marked with GG or GG with a trefoil in the middle
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1619-10/1619-10-28
baptized on 28 October 1619
Antwerp 1678-08-02
Van den Branden 1883
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son of Guilliam Gabron I and Magdalena Cossiers, grandson of the artdealer Jan Gabron. His sister Anna Maria Gabron was married to Artus Quellinus (Saur 2005, p. 80).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Antwerpen 1634 - 1641-09-18
    as off c. 1634 working in Antwerp; 'wijnmeester’ (master by patrimony) in the Guild of St. Luke’s in Antwerp between 18 September 1640 and 18 September 1641
  • Parijs 1646 - 1647
    There is a document of 20 June 1647 mentioning Garbon had a debt of 100 livres to Matin Linssen, first husband of Susanna van Royen and future wife of Karel Dujardin (Madrella in Buijsen/Dumas/Manuth 2012). It is unclear if Gabron had already left the city at that time.
  • Rome 1647 - 1650
    was a member of the Bentvueghels in Rome (Saur 2005, p. 80); there is a signed and dated painting (1646?, RKDimages 20792), that must have been made in Rome given the addition 'flaming' (Willigen/Meijer 2003); he must still have been in Rome in 1650, as he witnessed the retreving of the body of Pietro Testa from the Tiber in 1650 (Levin 1888, p. 135)
  • Antwerpen 1660 - 1678
    before 1660 back in Antwerpen, where he stayed till his death. He testified in 1662 on the training of a panel maker. In August 1670 his son Cornelis and his wife Anna Catharina van den Mortel moved in with him and his wife in their house in the Everdystarte.
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still life, game piece (still life), fruit piece, vanitas (still life), flower piece
He was famous for painting of gold, silver, porcelain, flowers and fruit (De Bie 1661, Houbraken 1719).
oil paint
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