Hendrick Avercamp

HA connected (ill. in Wurzbach 1906)
painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1585-01/1585-01-27
christened in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam on 27 January1585 (Luijten et al. 1993)
Kampen (Overijssel) 1634-05/1634-05-15
buried on May 15, 1634 in the Bovenkerk
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oldest son of Berent Avercamp (died 1603 of the plague) and Beatrix Vekemans; uncle of Barend Avercamp, the son of brother Peter and Lysbeth van Ingen Jurriëns
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Active in
  • Kampen (Overijssel) 1586 - 1607
    the family moved to Kampen, when Hendrick was just one year old, where his father became town apothecary and later town physician (Roelofs/Bikker 2009)
  • Amsterdam 1607 - 1608
    lived in 1607 with Pieter Isaacsz. and was probably his student; listed in March 1607 as buyer of drawings at the Gillis van Coninxloo auction (De Roever 1885). In 1606 and in 1609 his mother is mentioned as staying in Amsterdam (Roelofs / Bikker 2009, p. 14). Since she has always been deeply involved in the well-being of her deaf and dumb son, this could indicate Hendrick's stay in this same period.
  • Kampen (Overijssel) 1608 - 1634
    ca. 1608/09 left from Amsterdam to Kampen; According to Sutton, he moved from Amsterdam to Kampen around 1614. Returned to Kampen in January 1613 (Roelofs/Bikker 2009, p. 15); He is first recorded at Kampen again for Jan 1613 (on the back of a drawing at Paris-Inst.Néerl.), then for 1622 and finally by the record of his burial there in 1634
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figure, landscape (as genre), winter landscape, portrait, architecture (genre)
oil paint
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