Hendrick Avercamp

HA ineen (afb. in Wurzbach 1906)
painter, draftsman
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1585-01/1585-01-27
in de Oude Kerk in Amsterdam gedoopt op 27 januari 1585
Kampen (Overijssel) 1634-05/1634-05-15
begraven op 15 mei 1634
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oom van Barend Avercamp
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Period of activity
1605 - 1634
mogelijk in 1605 al meester (Roelofs/Bikker 2009, p. 15)
Active in
  • Kampen (Overijssel) 1586 - 1607
    verhuisde op 1-jarige leeftijd naar Kampen
  • Amsterdam 1607
    woonde in 1607 bij Pieter Isaacsz. en was waarschijnlijk diens leerling; in maart 1607 vermeld als koper van tekeningen op de veiling Gillis van Coninxloo (De Roever 1885). In 1606 en in 1609 wordt zijn moeder vermeld als verbijvende in Amsterdam (Roelofs/Bikker 2009, p. 14). Daar zij altijd zeer betrokken is geweest bij het wel en wee van haar doofstomme zoon, zou dit kunnen wijzen op een verblijf van Hendrick in deze zelfde periode.
  • Kampen (Overijssel) 1608 - 1634
    ca. 1608/09 vanuit Amsterdam naar Kampen vertrokken ; Volgens Sutton omstreeks 1614 van Amsterdam naar Kampen verhuisd. In januari 1613 weer terug in Kampen (Roelofs/Bikker 2009, p. 15)
  • but moved with his parents to Kampen in 1586. Evidence about his training is meagre. But his identity with the "de Stom", who is recorded as staying with the painter Pieter Isaacsz and buying drawings in the sale when Isaacsz left for Denmark in 1607 (Welcker p.65), may be taken as certain. Somewhere -and naturally not at Kampen- he must have been through the full learning process of those days and the choice of Amsterdam -where his mother's brother Samuel lived- was the logical one. As an apprentice in the Isaacsz studio Hendrick, the mute, must have used his eyes to best advantage; it is not yet clear from which Amsterdam painter came the first inspiration for those winterscapes that became his dominating passion and great achievement. Dated marked paintings, water-colors and drawings by Hendrick are very few, starting in 1608. (NB. the one work listed by Welcker as dated 1601 has recently reappeared in sale Amsterdam-Christie's 6 May 1993; the date 1601 on a building is probably a plaque refer-ring to its year of construction). After the departure of his tea- cher Hendrick probably stayed at Amsterdam for a couple of years; in 1608-'09 his style was still developing and a number of such early works must have been painted at Amsterdam, where they in- fluenced later painters and do appear in early sales (e.g. in 1619; Br. p.1447). He is first recorded at Kampen again for Jan 1613 (on the back of a drawing at Paris-Inst.Néerl.), then for 1622 and finally by the record of his burial there.
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figure, landscape (as genre), winter landscape, portrait, architecture (genre)
oil paint
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