Lucas Franchoys (I)

painter, court painter
worked at the courts in Paris and Madrid
South Netherlandish
Mechelen 1574-01-23/1574-01-25
23 January 1574 (Saur 2004); 25 January 1574 (Antwerp 1857/1863); 25 January 1574 (Houbraken 1718)
Mechelen 1643-09-16
Houbraken 1718; Antwerp 1857/1863
Family relationships
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Married to Catharina du Pont in Mechelen on 13 January 1605; father of three daughters (Martina Catharina married painter Eloi Bonnejonne) and two sons, Peter and Lucas II (both engravers/painters). His sister Cornelia married sculptor Hendrick Faydherbe.
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1599 - 1643
Active in
  • Mechelen 1599 - 1602
    joined the guild in 1599
  • Parijs 1602 - 1604
    Saur 2004
  • Madrid (Spanje) 1602 - 1604
    Saur 2004
  • Mechelen 1604
    back in Mechelen in 1604 at the latest; Antoon Imbrechts became his pupil on 13 January 1604
  • Gent 1610
    a Pietà signed and dated
born in
active in
died in
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history (as a genre), portrait
oil paint
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