Marcus Gheeraerts (I)

painter, draftsman, print artist, etcher
South Netherlandish, English
Brugge 1520
ca. 1520
London (England) 1590/1591
died about 1590/1, possibly in London
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Son of Heggebaert Gheeraerts and Antonine van der Weerden. Married 1) in Bruges on 6 June 1558 Jannekin Struve (who was a catholic, died 1571) and 2) in the Dutch church in London on 8 November 1571 to Suzanna de Crits (died 1603), father of Marcus II, Martin and Hester (died 1636), Sara and Susanna. Isaac Oliver (see there for reference) married 9 February 1602 his daughter Sara Gheeraerts (1575-1605). His daughter Susanne (died 1645) married the sculptor Maximilian Colt.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Brugge 1558 - 1568
    became a member of the guild in 1558 (Waterhouse 1988); banned as a calvinist on 1 December 1568, after producing satirical prints against the pope and the Church of Rome. All his possessions were confiscated (Saur 2006)
  • Londen (Engeland) 1568 - 1577
    He fled to London with his son and daughter; designed book illustrations (Waterhouse 1988). Lived first in the parish of St. Mary Abchurch, and in 1571 in the parish of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, with his daughter Hester and a pupil called Hans Delavauld. Wast appointes Sergeant Painter to Elizabeth I in 1577 (Cust 1903A; Saur 2006)
  • Antwerpen 1577 - 1586
    from 1577 mentioned as master in the guild; stayed here until at least 1586 (for the last time mentioned in the Financial Statements of 1585-1586) (Rombouts/van Lerius 1872/1961). On 21 August 1578 he testified with Philips Galle, sculptor Willem Paludanus and Maerten de Vos to have witnessed the sale of a batch of books in the house of Hubert Goltzius. In 1585 (NS) he was the renter of a house in the Kolvenierstraet (van Hemeldonck 2007)
  • Londen (Engeland) 1586
    documented in London on 14 August 1586
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history (genre), landscape (genre), portrait, architecture (genre)
oil paint
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