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Abraham Bredius

male / Dutch
art collector, publicist, museum director
Abraham Bredius was from 1889 to 1909 director of the Mauritshuis in The Hague; his private collection forms the basis of the Bredius Museum in The Hague; this was located on the Prinsengracht in the period 1946-1985; in 1990 it was reopened on the Lange Vijverberg.
Amsterdam 1855-04-18
Monaco 1946-04-13
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  • Florence 1878
    He met Wilhelm von Bode from Berlin in Florence, who advised him to specialize in ancient Dutch painting.
  • Amsterdam 1880 - 1888
    Deputy Director of the Dutch Museum of History and Art
  • Den Haag 1889 - 1922
    in the period 1889-1909 director of the Mauritshuis
  • Monaco 1922 - 1946
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archief Wilhelm Martin
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