Antoine Jean Gros

male / French
Paris 1771-03-16
Meudon 1835-06-26
He drowned himself in the river near Meudon.
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son of the miniature painter Jean-Antoine Gros; father of Jean-Baptiste Louis
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Active in
  • Parijs 1785 - 1793
    became pupil and friend of Jacques-Louis David; in 1787 he entered the École de L'Académie de Peinture
  • Genua 1793
    To escape the revolutionary terror he went to Italy (Genoa and Florence mainly), where he came into contact with the portraiture of Van Dyck and Rubens. In Genoa he met Joséphine de Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon.
  • Florence 1793
  • Milaan 1801
    presented by Joséphine de Beauharnais to Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Parijs 1801 - 1835
    Became Napoleon's 'inspecteur aux revues', and immortalized his reign in paintings. After the fall of the Empire, Gros took over the studio of David (who was exiled to Brussels) and became court-painter for the Bourbons, who ennobled him. Gros was depressed as a result of increasing criticism, including from David, and eventually he committed suicide by drowning himself in a tributary of the Seine
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history (as a genre), military genre, mythology, portrait, Christian religious scene, battle
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