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Louis XIV de France

male / French
king, art collector, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting
king of France 1643-1715
Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) 1638-09-05
Versailles 1715-09-01
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son of Louis XIII and Anna of Austria, brother of Philippe d'Orléans; great-grandfather of Louis XV
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  • Parijs 1638 - 1662
  • Versailles 1662 - 1715-09-15
    More and more Louis left Paris behind him and started to build his palace at Versailles, ever since 1662. Finally he transferred his complete household and the government of France to Versailles from 1668 onwards. After 1693 the king never left Versailles again. Eventually the king would die there.
  • Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1667
    To get compensation for his wife's dowary, that was never paid, Louis decided to conquer the Spanish Netherlands (the so-called War of Devolution). As a pupil of Marchal de Turenne Louis waged his first war (the so-called 'Proménade') . Cities like Douai/Doornik and Oudenaerde were quickly conquered. Lille/Rijssel (May 1667) took more effort. Especially the politics of the Republic prohibited Louis to conclude the war according to his wishes. In order to withstand the French, the Republic and England concluded their war (Second Dutch War) and formed the Triple Alliance against France, together with Sweden. Sweden was however quickly bribed to leave the Triple Alliance. Through the infamous secret treaty of Dover, Charles II went over to the French side on the promis of 2 or 3 million pounds (1670)
  • Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1672-05
    Louis attacked the Republic together with England, and the bishoprics of Cologne and Munster.
  • Charleroi 1672-05 - 1672
    From Charleroi Louis and Turenne he went to the north to bring the war to the Republic.
  • Utrecht (stad) 1672
    When the French got bogged down through the flooding of the 'Waterlinie', they occupied the city of Utrecht. Apart from notorious sorties to Zwammerdam and Bodegraven, where the French perpetrated several atrocities, Louis never could reach Amsterdam and the coast near The Hague.
  • Maastricht 1673 - 1678
    Louis personnally went to the Republic to conduct the siege of Maastricht. After 14 days thre city fell (this fact has gained prominence in history, because d'Artagnan, one of the Four Musketeers, died here. When William III of Orange conquered the city of Bonn in 1673, the bishops of of Cologne and Munster had to leave the war, while France lost its lines of communication to the army in the North. This formed the end of Louis conquest of the Republic. The war continued for several years (seasons) in the Spanish Netherlands and parts of Germany, without the presence of the king. Through negotiations the war was terminated by the Peace of Nijmegen. The next (interminable) wars of the king were conducted by members of his family (the Grand Dauphin, the Duc du Maine, his illegitimate son) and professionals like Turenne
  • Bergen (België) 1691
    Once again the king personally led his army at the siege of Bergen/Mons.
  • Namen 1692
  • Heidelberg 1693-05
    The taking of Heidelberg formed the last success for the king personally: after this exploit he returned to Versailles, never to return personally to the army. His last and more or less desastrous war was the Ear of the Spanish Succession (1702-1715). It was concluded by the Peace of Utrecht (April 1713) and the Peace of Rasatt (March 1714).
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