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Gustav III (King of Sweden)

male / Swedish
king, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, art collector, director, author
Gustav III inherited part of the collection from his parents, Adolf Fredrik and Lovisa Ulrika, who owned many works by Dutch artists such as Rembrandt and Frans Hals. He expanded this collection with other Dutch works (Gerson 1942/1983). Gustav III bought works by, among others, Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol, Gabriel Metsu, Pieter de Hooch, Thomas de Keyser, Salomon and Philips Koninck and Jan Victors at the auction of Eva Bielke's collection. After his death, the collection was exhibited in the Royal Museum, which was founded in 1792 and housed in the Stockholm Palace (Cavalli-Björkman 2005). According to an inventory made by Lucas von Breda, Gustav III owned 15 paintings by Rubens (Cavalli-Björkman 2010) In 1771 Gustav III founded the Academy for Music, in 1773 the Academy for Painting and Sculpture (SBL)
Stockholm (city) 1746-01-24
Stockholm (city) 1792-03-29
He was shot during a masked ball by disgruntled nobles. Although the shot was not leathal in it self, septicimia set in of which he died 15 days later (his assasination was later used by Giuseppe Verdi as the original plot for his opera 'La Forza del Destino')
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Son of Adolf Fredrik, King of Sweden and Queen Lovisa Ulrika of Prussia. In 1775 married to Sofia Magdalena of Denmark, father of Gustav IV Adolf and Prince Carl Gustav, Duke of Småland; Gustav III was crowned in Stockholm on 29 May 1772
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