Jo van Gogh-Bonger

female / Dutch
art collector, art dealer (person), author
Vincent van Gogh left his paintings to his younger brother Theo at his death. After the death of Theo, the paintings came under the management of Theo's widow Jo van Gogh-Bonger. Jo van Gogh-Bonger published the letters of Vincent van Gogh in three volumes in 1914. Johanna initially worked closely with German art dealers and publishers Paul Cassirer and his cousin Bruno to organize exhibitions of Van Gogh's paintings in Berlin and in 1914 to publish the first volume of the Letters to Theo. Hans Luijten, associated with the Van Gogh Museum, is working on a biography of Jo van Gogh-Bonger (to be published in 2018).
Amsterdam 1862-10-04
Laren (Noord-Holland) 1925-09-02
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Sister in law of Vincent van Gogh and wife of Theo van Gogh (1857-1891), mother of Vincent Willem Van Gogh, second marriage with Johan Cohen Gosschalk (1873-1912)
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  • Amsterdam
    Weteringschans; She grew up here (Hokkaido 2002, p.239)
  • Londen (Engeland) 1883-07-01 - 1883-09-15
    This trip was part of an English teacher training course (Hokkaido 2002, p.239)
  • Elburg 1884-09 - 1885-12
    She worked as an English teacher (Hokkaido 2002, p.239)
  • Nieuwer-Amstel (Amstelveen) 1886-05 - 1887-07
    She worked as an English teacher (Hokkaido 2002, p.239)
  • Parijs 1888-11-08 - 1888-12-26
    Short visit to her brother Andries Bonger, who lived in Paris. During this visit she met Theo van Gogh in December 1888, her future husband (Hokkaido 2002, pp 241-242)
  • Amsterdam 1888-12-26 - 1889-04-18
    Jo returned to The Netherlands on 26 December to celebrate the engagment with Theo van Gogh, the engagment took place on 9 January 1889. Theo and Jo spent the engagment period apart, Theo went back to Paris and Jo stayed in the Netherlands. They married in Amsterdam the 18th April of 1889 and after this they left for Paris and spent one day in Brussels by way of honeymoon (Hokkaido 2002, pp 241-242)
  • Parijs 1889-04-20 - 1889-06-08
    Cité Pigalle 8; Moved to an apartment on the third floor together with her husband Theo van Gogh (on the left)(Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, pp. 48-51 and 56)
  • Auvers-sur-Oise 1889-06-08
    Visit of Doctor Gachet together with her husband and son (Hokkaido 2002, p.247)
  • Leiden 1890-07-15
    Visit his mother together with his wife and son (Hokkaido 2002, p.247)
  • Bussum 1890 - 1901
    Koningslaan 4; After the death of her husband she returned to the Netherlands, where she lived in Villa Helma which she runned as a guesthouse (Meyjes 2007, p.47)
  • Bussum 1901 - 1903
    Regentesselaan 39; She remarried with Johan Cohen Gosschalk (1873-1912). They moved to a new house called 'Eikenhof' (Hokkaido 2002, p.254)
  • Amsterdam 1904
    In 1904 the family moved to into an upstairs apartment on the corner of the Koninginneweg/Brachthuizerstraat 2 (Hokkaido 2002, p. 254)
  • New York City 1915 - 1919
    She lived here together with her son Vincent Willem Van Gogh (Meyjes 2007, p. 53)
  • Laren (Noord-Holland) 1919 - 1925-09-02
    Rosenlaantje 12; the house was called 't Landhuys (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
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