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Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie (count)

male / Swedish
painter, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, art collector, nobleman
Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie had a penchant for French art, but also had a considerable collection of Dutch paintings. Harald Appelboom worked as an art agent for De la Gardie. IIn 1671 he bought a portrait of Hugo Grotius of Mierevelt and a portrait of Heinsius for De la Gardie. n 1648, De la Gardie employed Hendrick Munniks alias Münnichhoven. At Jakobsdal Govert Camphuysen and Toussaint Gelton were active as well (Gerson 1942/1983). He owned the country estates Jakobsdal (later Ulriksdal) until 1669, the old Drottningholm (destroyed by fire in 1661), that was sold to Queen Hedvig Eleonora, Karlberg, Läckö, Ekholmen, Högentorp and Venngarn. In Stockholm, he owned the town residence Makalös, and in Estonia a.o. Hapsal Castle (Noldus 2004)
Reval (Estonia) 1622-10-15
Sigtuna 1686-04-26
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Uppsala
  • Leiden 1641
  • Frankrijk 1643
  • Solna
    Jakobsdal (from 1684 called Ulriksdal)
  • Skara 1647
    royal estate Höjentorp, from 1647
  • Drottningholm 1650 - 1661
  • Helsingør 1658
    In 1658 he stayed for a few months at Kronborg Castle together with King Charles X Gustav. De la Gardie and Carl Gustave Wrangel divided the war booty; De la Gardie took (at least) 9 Honthorst paintings from Kronborg with him to Sweden (Schepelern/Houkjaer 1988, p. 20).
  • Stockholm 1652
    Makalös town palace, from 1652 onwards
  • Lidköping 1652 - 1681
    Läckö Slott
  • Venngarns slott (Sigtuna) 1653
    vanaf 1653
  • Stockholm 1669 - 1683
  • Örebro län (prov.) 1675 - 1686
born in
active in
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