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Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie (count)

male / Swedish
painter, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting, art collector, nobleman
Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie had a penchant for French art, but also had a considerable collection of Dutch paintings. Harald Appelboom worked as an art agent for De la Gardie. IIn 1671 he bought a portrait of Hugo Grotius of Mierevelt and a portrait of Heinsius for De la Gardie. n 1648, De la Gardie employed Hendrick Munniks alias Münnichhoven. In Slot Jakobsdal Govert Camphuysen and Toussaint Gelton were active as well (Gerson 1942/1983).
Reval (Estonia) 1622-10-15
Sigtuna 1686-04-26
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Uppsala
  • Leiden 1641
  • Frankrijk 1643
  • Solna
    Jakobsdals slot (from 1684 called Ulriksdal)
  • Skara 1647
    royal estate Höjentorp, from 1647
  • Drottningholm 1650 - 1661
  • Helsingør 1658
    In 1658 he stayed for a few months at Kronborg Castle together with King Charles X Gustav. De la Gardie and Carl Gustave Wrangel divided the war booty; De la Gardie took (at least) 9 Honthorst paintings from Kronborg with him to Sweden (Schepelern/Houkjaer 1988, p. 20).
  • Stockholm 1652
    Makalös paleis, vanaf 1652
  • Lidköping 1652 - 1681
    Läckö slot
  • Venngarns slott (Sigtuna) 1653
    vanaf 1653
  • Stockholm 1669 - 1683
    Karlberg slot
  • Örebro län (prov.) 1675 - 1686
born in
active in
died in
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