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Theo van Gogh

male / Dutch
art dealer (person), art collector, author
Theo van Gogh started to collect reproduction prints in the beginning of the 70ties, when he was employee at Goupil & Cie. Since the 80ties he started to collect contemporary art. Vincent van Gogh left his paintings to his younger brother Theo at his death.
Zundert 1857-05-01
Utrecht 1891-01-25
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younger brother of Vincent Willem van Gogh, married with Jo van Gogh-Bonger (1862-1925)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Helvoirt (Haaren)
    He was raised here
  • Brussel 1873-01 - 1873-11
    Hofbergstraat/Rue Montagne de la Cour 58 (historic address); since 1873 youngest employee at the Goupil branch in Brussels, where his uncle Hendrik Vincent (Hein) van Gogh (1815-1877) was an art dealer as well
  • Brussel 1873-01
    Place Saint Catherine 5; he stayed at this guesthouse with pastor Hendrik van den Brink, while he was working at the Goupil branch
  • Den Haag 1873-11
    Plaats 12; since november 1873 he worked at the Goupil branch in The Hague
  • Den Haag 1873-11
    Lange Beestenmarkt 32(The Lange Beestenmarkt is still there, but it is unclear whether the building in which the guest house was located still exists and what property it is); he stayed with the family Roos, while working at the Goupil branch
  • Parijs 1878-05-01 - 1878-11-15
    Rue de la Tour d'Auvergne 46 (Stolwijk/Thomson/van Heugten 1999, pp. 30 and 32)
  • Den Haag 1878-11-15 - 1879-11
    Short return to The Hague
  • Parijs 1879-11 - 1882-04
    Was in Paris since the beginning of November 1879. lived in the rue de la Tour d'Auvergne 46; he lived in a room at this address (Stolwijk/Thomson/van Heugten 1999 pp. 32 and 184)
  • Borinage (streek) 1879-08-15
    He visited his brother Vincent
  • Parijs 1880 - 1890
    Since 1881 he was the manager of Goupil & Cie, which was renamed Boussod Valadon & Cie in 1884, at the 19 Boulevard Montmartre
  • Nuenen (Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten) 1885-03-27 - 1885-04
    Short return to the Netherlands, when his father died
  • Lille (Frankrijk) 1885-06 - 1885-07
    He travelled together with Andries Bonger to study Flemish Paintings (Leeman et al. 2009, p.21)
  • Brugge 1885-06 - 1885-07
    He travelled together with Andries Bonger to study Flemish Paintings (Leeman et al. 2009, p.21)
  • Gent 1885-06 - 1885-07
    He travelled together with Andries Bonger to study Flemish Paintings (Leeman et al. 2009, p.21)
  • Antwerpen 1885-06 - 1885-07
    He travelled together with Andries Bonger to study Flemish Paintings (Leeman et al. 2009, p.21)
  • Nuenen (Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten) 1885-07-28 - 1885-08-07
    Short visit to his family (Leeman et al. 2009, p.21)
  • Amsterdam 1885-08-07 - 1885-09
    Weteringschans 121; visit to the Bonger family (Hokkaido 2002, p. 240)
  • Parijs 1886-02-28 - 1886-06-01
    Historic address: Rue Laval 25, present address: Rue Victor Massé 25. From the 28th of February Theo van Gogh and his brother Vincent van Gogh lived together (Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, pp. 32 and 184; Bakker 2011, pp. 12-13)
  • Parijs 1886-06-01 - 1888-02-19
    Rue Lepic 54; His brother Vincent van Gogh lived with him. They moved in June. Theo travelled several times to the Netherlands. They lived there until the 19th of February 1888 (Stolwijk/Thomson/van Heugten 1999, pp. 48-51; Bakker 2011, pp. 12-13, 56 and 78; Stolwijk 2007, dl.4, pp.97-116)
  • Nederland 1886-08 - 1886-08-26
    Visit to his uncle Vincent (Cent) van Gogh (1820-1888) to ask for money
  • Amsterdam 1889-01-06 - 1889-04-18
    Theo returned to The Netherlands on the 6th of January to celebrate the engagment with Jo Bonger, the engagment took place on 9 January 1889. Theo and Jo spent the engagment period apart, Theo went back to Paris and Jo stayed in the Netherlands. They got married in Amsterdam the 18th April of 1889 and afther this they left for Paris and spent one day in Brussels by way of honeymoon (Hokkaido 2002, pp 241-242)
  • Parijs 1889-04-20 - 1890-09-16
    Cité Pigalle 8; Moved to an apartment on the third floor together with his wife Jo Bonger (on the left)(Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, pp. 48-51 and 56)
  • Auvers-sur-Oise 1889-06-08
    Visit Doctor Gachet together with his wife and son (Hokkaido 2002, p.247)
  • Leiden 1890-07-15 - 1890-07-17
    Visit his mother together with his wife and son (Hokkaido 2002, p.247)
  • Antwerpen 1890-07-17 - 1890-07-19
    Business visit
  • Auvers-sur-Oise 1890-07-28 - 1890-07-30
    Visit to his brother Vincent who shot himself in the chest
  • Nederland 1890-08-03 - 1890-08-16
    Short holiday
  • Parijs 1890-09-16 - 1890-10-12
    Cité Pigalle 8; Moved to an apartment on the first floor around the 16th of September(Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, pp. 56-57)
  • Saint-Dénis (Ile-de-France) 1890-10-12 - 1890-10-14
    Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 200; Hospitalized in La Maison Dubois (Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, p. 57)
  • Passy (Parijs) 1890-10-14 - 1890-11
    Rue Berton 17 (historic address; the clinic was situated where the embassy of Turkey is now, opposite the house of Balzac) In 1890 he got a depression and was hospitalized to the clinic of Dr. Blanche(Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, p. 57)
  • Utrecht 1890-11-18 - 1891-01-25
    He was transferred to the the Willem-Arntzkliniek, where he died (Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, p. 57)
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