Johann Michael Hambach

male / German
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Keulen 1650
c. 1650 (Saur)
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  • Keulen 1672 - 1686
    Hambach was accepted in the Guild in Cologne as Master on 16 August 1673. On 9 October 1673 he was made a citizen of the city free of charge, due to his parent's poverty, after the priest of the Church of 'Klein St. Martin'had attested to his being a true catholic. Hambach was an enthusiastic follower of Nikolaus Gülich (1644-1686), who unleashed a rebellion in Cologne against the rampant nepotism, fraude and corruption of the City's government. In 1683 he was Kommissar (dean) of the Guild. When the rebellion was put down in 1686 by the former government, Hambach was held accountable by the city council and the Emperor for being one of the insurgents ("einer der Tumutuanten", Merlo 1895). After this date no more data are available and no more signed and dated works are known (Merlo 1895, Saur, also Stitz 1990).
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still life, kitchen piece (still life), trompe-l'oeil (still life), breakfast piece, game piece (still life)
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