Adrianus Gilles Camper

amateur painter, copyist, draftsman
scholar (zoologist in the field of reptiles & paleontologist: pioneer in the field of dinosaurs) and statesman by profession (Scheen 1981)
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam 1759-03-31
The Hague 1820-02-05
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third son of dr. Petrus Camper (1722-1789) and Johanna Bourboom
Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1773
    Born in Amsterdam and partly home-trained by his father in languages (Latin, Greek, French, [High-]German, Italian) and the sciences
  • Hogeschool (Franeker) 1773 - 1776
  • Parijs 1776
    After the death of his mother he accompagnied his father to Paris, who was holding lectures at the Académie Royale de Chirurgie and the Société Royale de Médecine
  • Leiden 1777 - 1780
    Continued his studies at Leiden University in Law (never finished) and at the same time travelled to Amsterdam to study painting
  • Amsterdam
    To study painting
  • Berlijn 1780-06 - 1780
    received by the Royal Academy and introduced to Frederic the Great
  • Eindhoven
    Appointed by prince William V to 'drossaard' of Eindhoven, for which reason he was for some time in this city
  • Düsseldorf 1784
    Study trip to Italy: he went south following the river Rhine, stopping in Düsseldorf to visit the famous picture gallery, in order to copy several pictures; his stay in Mainz, Wupper and the Eiffel sparked off his interest in paleontology
  • Parijs 1785 - 1787
    Went to visit Georges-Louis Leclerc Count de Buffon, to discuss the study of whales and the publishing of drawing by Camper sr. & jr. in the ''Histoire naturelle'
  • Italië 1787-08 - 1787
    After his stay in France, he decided (with his father) to go to Italy to promote the recovery of his health
  • Milaan
  • Venetië
  • Chamonix (Haute-Savoie)
    Climbed a.o. Mont-Blanc. After this he went home again by way of Bern, Schaffhausen and the Rhine
  • Den Haag 1788-10-16 - 1799
    returned home to his father in The Hague with an enormous collection artefacts; in 1789 his father suddenly died, after which he took over many of his father's commitments andhis unpublished works. For several years Camper lost all contact with the (French) scientifique world because of the troubled times; most of his contacts after this were continued through correspondence, mainly regarding pre-historic animals
  • Friesland (prov.) 1811 - 1819
    Prefect for the French government of Holland; 1812 rector magnificus of Groningen University; adviser for king William I to set up higher education in the new kingdom (1813)
  • Den Haag 1819-10 - 1820-02-05
    Deputy for Friesland in Parliament; his last scientific work (Observations anatomiques sur la structure intérieure et le squelette de plusieurs espèces de Cétacés, par Pierre Camper..., publiés par son fils A.G. Camper... avec des Notes par G. Cuvier (Ouvrage qui peut faire suite aux Annales... du Muséum d'Histoire naturelle etc.) appeared in Paris in 1820
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oil paint
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