Jan van Hemessen

painter, draftsman
South Netherlandish
Hemiksem 1490/1510
ca. 1500
after 1575 (Thieme-Becker); according to Le Messager [...] 1858 Jan had died before November 1579; according to Ecartico Hemessen died in Antwerpen after 1556
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father of Catharina van Hemessen who also was a painter; married with Barbara de Fevre; Jan had an illegitimate son Peeter with his maid Betteken; after the death of Jan and Betteken in 1579 this Peeter, being 24 years of age, was legitimized; he also call himself a painter (Le Messager [...] 1858)
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Period of activity
1519 - 1556
Active in
  • Antwerpen 1519 - 1555
    ca. 1519-1555; according to Karel van Mander the artist would also have worked in Haarlem; for this is no proof whatsoever (Dictionary of art)
  • Italië 1520 - 1530
    journey to Italy in this period
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oil paint
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