Heinrich Hermanns

male / German
Biographical information
Active in
  • Nederland 1887 - 1913
    Hermanns must have made many trips to Holland during these years. He specialized in painting Dutch cityscapes and fish and flower markets.
  • Dordrecht 1887 - 1904
    Hermanns must have made several trips to Dordrecht during this period, see also: Paul Horn, Düsseldorfer Graphik at Alter und Neuer Zeit, Düsseldorf 1928, p. 165, 'Herbststimmung in Dordrecht'. Lithograph
  • Amsterdam 1890 - 1913
    Hermanns must have been to Amsterdam several times during this period
  • Rotterdam 1890 - 1900
    ca. 1895; not known in what year Hermanns was in Rotterdam
  • Gemeente Katwijk 1889 - 1906
    Hermanns stayed in Katwijk in 1889, 1899 and 1906
  • Italië
    in particular Naples and Sicily
  • Napels
  • Sicilië (eiland, regio)
  • Frankrijk
  • Spanje
born in
active in
died in
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coastal view, cityscape, beach scene
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Düsseldorfer Malerschule
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