Meindert Hobbema

painter, draftsperson
North Netherlandish
Amsterdam (city) 1638-10/1638-10-31
baptized 31 October 1638
Amsterdam (city) 1709-12-07
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Grew up with his sister in an orphanage, after their parents died. Posted banns on 25 October 1668 with Eeltje Pieters Vinck (1634-1709), with whom he married on 2 November 1668 (De Vries 1885). Jacob van Ruisdael was his best man at that occasion. Between 1669-1673 Hobbema and his wife had four children baptized. Hobbema was witness at the baptism of Thomas van Kessel on 02-13-1675.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1657 - 1709
    possibly already as early as 1655, when he became an intern apprentice with Jacob van Ruisdael. In 1668 he became a 'wynroeier': an official, who converted measurements from other cities and foreign countries into official Amsterdam measurements.
  • Deventer (plaats) 1661
    in 1661 he travelled together with Jacob van Ruisdael: they went by way of the Veluwe, Deventer and Ootmarsum to Germany. It is unclear where he went in Germany: probably he stayed in the aerea near the Dutch border: there are no topographical identifiable drawings or paintings that point to Germany
  • Ootmarsum 1661
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landscape (genre), winter landscape, architecture (genre)
oil paint
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