Chaerles de Hooch

painter, draftsman, etcher
North Netherlandish
The Hague 1577
somewhere between 1576-1583, but probably c. 1577 (Gestman Geradts 2017, p. 115)
Utrecht (city) 1638-07-02
buried on 2 July 1638 (Van der Willigen), on 2 July 1638 passed away (Thieme/Becker and letter dr. J.E.A.L. Struick, archivist of the Municipal Archive, Utrecht, November 1972)
Family relationships
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son of Cornelis de Hooghe (1541-1583), who was a bastard son of Charles V of Habsburg (Gestman Geradts 2017); brother of David de Hooch; on 11 July 1629 in Utrecht married to Claesgen van Thiel (died 1671); father of Alexander and Horatius de Hooch (Gestman Geradts 2017)
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Period of activity
1620 - 1638
dated works (see note with year of birth) known from these years
Active in
  • Parijs
    was possibly in Paris: in 1899 there was a drawing 'Hoog fecit' with a view of Paris seen from the Montmartre in the collection of K.E. Liphart in Florence (Flugi van Aspermont 1899; Gestman Geradts 2017, p. 121, note 42)
  • Italië 1624 - 1627
    possibly went to Italy before, presumably stayed with the Farnese family (his aunt Margaretha of Parma was married to Ocatavio Farnese; named his sons after Alexander and Horatio Farnese, brothers of Octavio (Gestman Geradts 2017, p. 117)
  • Haarlem 1627 - 1628
    before 1628 active in Haarlem and mentioned by Ampzing as painter of ruins (see: Samvel Ampzing, Beschryvinge ende lof der stad Haerlem in Holland, Haarlem 1628)
  • Utrecht (stad) 1628 - 1638
    since 1628 mentioned in Utrecht, donated then a picture to the St. Jobsgasthuis; in 1633 member of the painters' guild; made his will on 16 January 1635, as 'constrijck schilder', together with his wife Claes Henmansdr. van Tiel for notary Willem van Galen, at which occasion Jacob Claess van Coesvelt and Peter van Dael, respectively uncle and nephew of the 'comparanten', were appointed as guardians of their children, who were minors. The names of the children are not mentioned in this will (letter dr. J.E.A.L. Struick, archivist of the Municipal Archive, Utrecht, November 1972)
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italianate, landscape (as genre), architecture (genre)
oil paint
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