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Samuel van Hoogstraten

North Netherlandish
Dordrecht 1627-08-02
Sumowski 1983-1994, vol. 2 (1984), p. 1286
Dordrecht 1678-10-19
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son of Dirck/Theodoor van Hoogstraten (Antwerp 1595/96 - Dordrecht 1640) and Mayke de Coninck (Dordrecht 1598-1645) , elder brother of Jan van Hoogstraten. He married Sara Balen (Dordrecht ?-9 October 1678) on 18 June 1656 in Dordrecht.
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Active in
  • Den Haag
    Corte Molstraat (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 31)
  • Dordrecht 1640
    received his first training from his father, who died in December 1640 in Dordrecht
  • Amsterdam 1642 - 1646
    became a pupil of Rembrandt in 1642 at the earliest (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 34)
  • Dordrecht 1647 - 1651-05-16
    back in Dordrecht before the end of 1647; on 16 May 1651 he started a journey, which brought him by way of Utrecht, Arnhem, Cologne to Frankfurt an Main and then Augsburg; he continued his trip by way of Regensburg to Vienna, where he arrived on 23 June 1651 (Thieme/Becker vol. 17 [1924], p. 463; Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 42)
  • Utrecht 1651-05-16
  • Arnhem 1651-05-19
  • Emmerik
  • Keulen 1651-05-28 - 1651-06-01
    over the Rhine
  • Bonn 1651-06-02
  • Wiesbaden 1651-06-03
  • Frankfurt am Main 1651-06-04 - 1651-06-07
    was received here by Matthäus Merian II, stayed here for three days
  • Augsburg 1651-06-12 - 1651-06-17
    stayed here for five days, sold his horse (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 42)
  • Neustadt an der Donau (Niederbayern) 1651-06-18
    sailed back on a raft to Neuburg at the Donau; from there to Regensburg
  • Regensburg 1651-06-19
  • Wenen 1651-06-23 - 1652
    arrived here on 23 June 1651; was received by Emperor Ferdinand III on 2 or 6 August, who bought a still-life an bestowed him with a golden chain and medal (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 42-43)
  • Venetië
  • Verona
  • Milaan
  • Genua
    over the Appennines to Genoa; from there over sea in a rowboat to Ostia and upstream to Rome (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 44)
  • Ostia
  • Rome 1652
    He travelled in 1652 to Italy; in Rome he became a member of the' Bentvogels', at which occasion he received the nickname 'Batavier'. Was in contact with Otto Marseus van Schriek (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 44).
  • Napels
    visited Napels
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Pisa
  • Siena
  • Bologna
  • Ferrara
  • Parma
  • Regensburg 1653-09 - 1654-05
    was visited there by the monk and scholar Gabriel Bucelinus; they both were in Regensburg because of the Reichstag of the emperor (20 June 1653-17 March 1654); also worked there with Jakob van Sandrart, who made a print after a drawing by Van Hoogstraten (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 46)
  • Wenen 1654-05 - 1655-02
    His brother Jan died in bed in their house in Vienna, 19 May 1654 (Roscam Abbing 1993, p. 46-47).
  • Dordrecht 1656 - 1662
    married on 18 June 1656 in Dordrecht to Sara van Balen
  • Londen (Engeland) 1662-05 - 1667
    from May 1662 until c. 1667, with his wife, witnessed the Great Fire of London
  • Den Haag 1667 - 1671
    In October or November 1667 he arrived in The Hague, where he became a member of the 'Confrerie Pictura' on 21 January 1668
  • Dordrecht 1671 - 1678
    In September 1671 he bought a house in Dordrecht, where he would eventually die (Thieme/Becker vol. 17 [1924], p. 463)
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architecture (genre), genre, history (as a genre), portrait, still life, trompe-l'oeil (still life), landscape (as genre), game piece (still life), interiors, peasant genre, vanitas
oil paint
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