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Hendrick van Balen (I)

painter, draftsman
South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1573
Since there is no baptismal record for Hendrick in the parishes of Antwerp. 1573 seems the most logical year of birth: his parents were married in 1572; only the baptism book for St. George of 1573 is missing; Van Balen was admitted to the guild as master in 1592-1593, so c. 19-20 years old (Van Lerius 1881, p. 236-237)
Antwerp 1632-07-17
according to an inscription on his tombstone, quoted in Van Lerius 1881, p. 318
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Hendrick was the eldest son of Willem van Balen 'Vettewarier', and Mechtild van Alten, who married on February 9, 1572 (old style) in St. Jacob's Church. The whole family, without Hendrick, however, was reconciled with the Roman Catholic Church on August 14, 1589, that is, they renounced their Protestantism. This also means that Hendrick was (still) baptized a Catholic (Van Lerius 1881, p. 238-239). He married 11 September 1609 (according to Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872, p. 371, note 2: 1605) in St. Jacob's Church with Margriet Briers/de Brier, with whom he had eleven children (Van Lerius 1881, p. 242-246): their 7th child, Maria, whose godfather was Peter Paul Rubens, born on March 8, 1618, married Theodoor van Thulden on July 24, 1635 in the St. Jacob's church (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872. vol. 2, p. 574 and Van Lerius 1881, page 244) the ninth was Hendrick van Balen II, baptized 16-1-1623 (Van Lerius 1881, p. 245). His widow died on 23-10-1638 (Duverger, vol. 4, p. 27).
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  • Antwerpen 1593 - 1603
    registered as master of the St. Luke Guild in 1593; received four pupils of the guild during the period 1602-1603. In 1608-1609 he was second dean of the guild and in 1609-1610 first dean.
  • Venetië 1602
    His time in Italy is known from several letters between 1614-1624, by Jan Brueghel I and Ercole Banchi from Milan (Van Lerius 1881, p. 240).
  • Rome 1602
  • Haarlem 1612
    went with Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel I to Haarlem to visit Hendrick Goltzius, see Vermeylen/De Clippel 2012
  • Antwerpen 1613 - 1632
    became dean of the guild of Romanists in Antwerp in 1613; in 1625 one of the four guardians over the four minor children of Jan Brueghel I (together with Paul van Halmale, P.P. Rubens and the piebaker Cornelis Schut (Van Lerius 1881, p. 251)
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oil paint
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