Frederik De Thoms

art collector
his collection was sold in 1751 to Prince Willem IV of Orange; parts of it ended up in the penningkabinet in the present Geldmuseum in Urecht and in the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden in Leiden
German, North Netherlandish, English
born in Germany; in 1736 he took on English nationality
Giessen 1696-10-15
Leiden 1746-09-07
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De Thoms falsely pretended to derive from a French noble family; in 1725, when he was an agent for Brunswick in London, he received a German degree of nobility and since then he called himself De Thoms; in 1737, when he called himself Baron, King Charles VII of Naples elevated him to count. In 1741 he married Johanna Maria Boerhaave, the daughter of the famous physician Hermannus from Leiden (Bastet 1987).
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