Christian Albrecht Jensen

male / Danish
painter, copyist, draftsman, court painter
Frederik VI and after himChristian VIII ordered him to copy paintings at Frederiksborg Castle, but also to add work of his own to the collection. After the death of Christian VIII in 1848 this soon came to an end, and because of the criticism of N.L. Høyer he lost customers and faced financial problems. He than got a position at the Printing Room (Kobberstiksamlingen). (Ragn Jensen 1994)
Bredstedt 1792-06-26
Copenhagen 1870-07-13
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son of Boy Jensen and Maria Magdalena Jessen; married on 22 May 1823 in Haderslev to Catharina Lorentzen
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Biographical information
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Kopenhagen)
from 1810 to 1816, he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen
Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Dresden)
from 1817 to 1818, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden.
Active in
  • Kopenhagen 1810 - 1816
    from 1810 to 1816, he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Flensburg 1816 - 1817
    portrait painter in Flensborg (Saur 2013)
  • Dresden 1817 - 1818
    from 1817 to 1818, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden; also visited Berlin (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Rome 1818 - 1821
    In 1818, he traveled to Rome by way of Vienna, Venice, Bologna and Florence. When he arrived, he joined the large colony of Danish-German artists who lived in the city at the time and also met the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen; was there until October 1821 (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • München 1821
    on his way back he visited München (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Hamburg 1821 - 1822
    From c. 1821, After leaving Rome, he made an unsuccessful attempt to establish himself as a portrait painter in Hamburg
  • Kopenhagen 1823 - 1848
    in 1823 he is back ik Copenhagen; from 1832-1848 he made copies of portraits at Frederiksborg Castle; in 1840 and between 1842-1847 he painted portraits there himself; became professor at the Academy in 1835 (Saur 2013)
  • Engeland 1837
    visited England (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Engeland 1838
    second visit to England (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Parijs 1839
    visited England, France and especially Paris (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Sint-Petersburg (Rusland) 1841
  • Berlijn 1842
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Dresden 1842
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Sint-Petersburg (Rusland) 1843 - 1844
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1847
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Duitsland 1857
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Parijs 1858
    (Ragn Jensen 1994)
  • Kopenhagen 1858 - 1870
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active in
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