Federico Borromeo

male / Italian
art collector, author, theorrist, theologian, cardinal
Federico Borromeo was cardinal and archbishop of Milan. He was a passionate collector of art, who begun buying art in Rome in the last decade of the Cinquecento. In this period, he mainly collected religious art, painted by Italians, and Flemish still lifes and landscapes (Jones 1993). In Rome he was in contact with other collectors, like Francesco Maria Del Monte, Benedetto Giustiniani and Giovanni Battista Agucchi. Furthermore, he exchanged letters with Jan Brueghel I, of whom he bought various paintings. Back in Milan, Borromeo founded the Biblioteca Ambrosiana (1607) and the Pinacoteca with the same name (1618).
Milaan 1564
Jones 1993, p. 19
Milaan 1631
Jones 1993, p. 51
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cousin of Saint Carlo Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Pavia 1580 - 1585
    studied Theology at the Collegio Borromeo and the University of Pavia (Morandotti 2014, p. 270)
  • Rome 1586 - 1595
    Morandotti 2014, p. 270
  • Milaan 1595 - 1597
    Morandotti 2014, p. 270
  • Rome 1597 - 1601
    Morandotti 2014, p. 270
  • Milaan 1609 - 1631
    Morandotti 2014, p. 270
Teacher at academy/university
Accademia di San Luca (Rome)
founder of the academy in 1593
born in
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died in
titel: De pictura sacra (1624); titel: Musaeum Bibliothecae Ambrosianae (1625)
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