Giovanni Antonio de Groot

Italian, North Netherlandish
Arona (Milaan) 1664-06-13
Houbraken erroneouly states he was from Antwerp.
Scopa (Vercelli) 1712-12-17
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son of landscape painter Riccardo de Groot from Naarden and Orsola de Capitani from Arona, Italy
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Active in
  • Milaan
    pupil of Antonio Busca (Glabbeek/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Rome 1674 - 1675
    In Rome 1674-1675 mentioned among the revelers in the church Santa Costanza (Hoogewerff 1952); pupil of Carlo Maratti (Glabbeek/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Venetië
    according to his biographer Lazzaro Agostino Cotta, he was in the workshop of Pieter Mulier II
  • Noordelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1694 - 1698
    travelled to the Netherlands to resolve an issue concerning the inheritance from his father (Glabbeek/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Düsseldorf 1697
    painted a work for the marriage of Don Gastone de' Medici and Anna Maria van Saxen Lauenburg (Glabbeek/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Amsterdam 1698
    was paid for two wall paintings in the Town Hall (Van Glabbeeck/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Milaan 1700
    worked on a monument for King Charles II of Spain in the Cathedral of Milan (Van Glabbeeck/Te Marvelde 2011)
  • Varallo 1712
    lived his last years in the area of Varallo and died here (Van Glabbeeck/Te Marvelde 2011)
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Christian religious scene, history (as a genre), landscape (as genre)
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